I have always been interested in Latin American history and inspired by many books, which I devoured while still living in Germany. So it was clear from the beginning of my career as a photographer, that my first trip would take me to Central America. I wanted to experience firsthand what I have read so much about. During this road trip, I discovered my passion for documentary photography and decided to continue my journey through the Americas. My aim was to photograph people and the natural circumstances in which they were living, with a narrative quality and an attempt to reach deeper. The images should show a confluence between the perceived reality and my personal feelings. The journey, which started 12 years ago in Nicaragua, brought me through Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bahamas, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, the US and Canada. I experienced joy and suffering, laughter and tears, and realized that the Americas are not only connected as a continent, but more so that the life is linked through the shared history, the soul, and the humanity. My focus in ‘The Americas’ lies on human, social and environmental issues observed in my travels across the continent.