My previous work as a fashion designer let me to the desire to see a side of life less glamorous and more real. Growing up in post war Germany, I was fascinated by politics and history, and interested in Central America, where my first trip took me as a photographer.

The day I arrived in El Salvador, the earth was boiling and the temperature hit 120 degrees. The air was flickering, the horizon invisible. I was walking and walking and spotted some metal shacks with children playing in the shadow. I came closer and started to communicate with the little Spanish I knew. It was difficult to adjust the eye from shadow to sun. I saw a mother, a little girl, a black dog behind and some other shacks close by, with some people appearing from the shadows. Despite the simple housing, I noticed that everyone was nicely dressed and that the earth around was wiped clean. I asked if I could take some photographs and they agreed. I stayed in the village till the afternoon and made as series of photographs. I realized that day, that I was able to connect with people and that they trusted me with their stories. 

My interest grew to work in rural communities and the environment surrounding it. I am looking for an intuitive moment, if I photograph and wait till I can capture the right moment and the light, which plays an important role in my works as it is in black and white.

The story is my personal exploration of the Americas, its comprehensiveness is limited. The images reflect where I have traveled, what I have seen and experienced.

I am interested in little things more than in the whole picture, and often wander off the beaten path to find the unexpected.